SSDL Tübingen | Using Metaphors: Metaphors as illustration and reflection tool

Language: English

Metaphors are a precious tool to both illustrate concepts and reflect on personal views in education or coaching. As an illustration tool, metaphors do not only help student teachers to understand certain ideas or models in a more profound way, but also to memorize these concepts and make them more accessible in practice. As a reflection tool metaphors work especially well to stimulate the process of self-reflection and to motivate people to exchange their points of view. Metaphors can be presented in many ways: as a mental image through description, as a picture (photo/drawing) or a whole gallery of different pictures, as an object, as a sound, as an installation, etc. The method works for individuals or groups of people who are in the process of learning or developing something. In the course evaluations of my student teachers at the SSDL, participants often mention the use of metaphors to be especially helpful to them.

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