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Since all teacher education studies in Baden-Wuerttemberg switched to the Bachelor/Master system in October 2016, the portfolio has been a constituent part of all courses of study. Important objectives of the portfolio work are to strengthen the reflexivity/ the reflection skills of the student teachers, as well as the connection between theory and practice in teacher education (see ). Another important aspect is the fact that the portfolio is not graded and no credit points are awarded. Instead the aim of the portfolio is to develop and implement a reflection tool that meets the needs and interests of all subjects and that is used in as many courses as possible. As part of the teacher education takes place at the SSDL (the Institute independent from the University of Tuebingen), the portfolio was partially developed in collaboration of both partners. The portfolio tasks which are presented here are used during the seminar „Personale Kompetenzen im Lehrberuf“ (personal competencies of teachers). The goal of this module is to improve important personal, communicative and social competencies of student teachers. These competencies are trained and reflected in simulated teaching situations. The portfolio method is used in order to link these experiences as well as former experiences with teaching situations with theoretical knowledge about pedagogy and teaching. With this integrative method of working on the portfolio and discussing reflection results during the sessions, we aim to enhance the acceptance of the tool. . .

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Professional Learning in Complex Settings thru Reflection and Portfolio

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