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Evidence gathered during the Teacher Education for Inclusion Project highlights the need for initial teacher education in many institutions throughout Europe to be further developed if it is to effectively prepare teachers for diversity in inclusive classrooms. The project final report makes recommendations presented in two parts. The first set of recommendations directly relate to teacher education and are, therefore, directed mainly towards professionals working in this area. As any reform in teacher education is unlikely to succeed without wider supporting policies across the education sector and beyond – a second set of recommendations is directed towards policy makers who will need to provide a coherent policy framework for managing the wider, systemic change necessary to impact on teacher education for inclusion. The target audience for this document is all education policy makers and professionals involved in teacher education. Ensuring that all learners receive a quality education is central to general policy decisions – not the responsibility of a small number of specialists. This document draws together evidence from different strands of project work that have provided the basis for each of the recommendations.

Such evidence can be found in: • the project policy review (http://www.european-agency.org/agency-projects/teacher-education-for-inclusion/teacher-education-web-files/TE4I-Policy-Review.pdf ) • the international literature review (http://www.european-agency.org/agency-projects/teacher-education-for-inclusion/teacher-education-web-files/TE4I-Literature-Review.pdf ) • the project synthesis report Teacher Education for Inclusion across Europe (http://www.european-agency.org/agency-projects/teacher-education-for-inclusion/teacher-education-web-files/TE4I-Synthesis-Report-EN.pdf ) • individual country reports and practice examples (http://www.european-agency.org/agency-projects/teacher-education-for-inclusion/country-info ) Providing the links between the project recommendations and sources of evidence in this way supports the open and transparent working methods of the Agency and, it is hoped will provide a useful basis for further research on the areas identified in the recommendations themselves. Throughout this document links are provided directly to documents where possible. References to books and papers can be found in the bibliographies of the International Literature review and the project synthesis report by following the links supplied above.

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