The Prolea Project

“Education and training have a crucial role to play in meeting the many socio-economic, demographic, environmental and technological challenges facing Europe and its citizens today and in the years ahead. Efficient investment in human capital through education and training systems is an essential component of Europe's strategy to deliver the high levels of sustainable, knowledge-based growth and jobs that lie at the heart of the Lisbon strategy, at the same time as promoting personal fulfilment, social cohesion and active citizenship” European objectives formulated in the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training 2020 (ET 2020).

ProLea is an EU - funded, transnational project, in which 7 different European institutions of teacher education are working together. You can find details about the participants and the organisation of the project under ABOUT.


The project adresses teachers, trainers/educators and facilitators for school development. We also adress leaders, who are responsible for the development of teacher education institutions.

ProLea - objectives and priorities

ProLea sees teacher quality as the most important factor for student learning. In the complex settings presented by an everchanging world lies a challenge, which asks for lifelong learning and mobility of teachers and educators.


The objective of ProLea is to develop, test, adapt and implement innovative practices in teacher professional learning to face common challenges in teacher education in Europe.

Several European documents (e.g. 'Supporting the teaching professions for better learning outcomes', ‘Council Conclusions on Effective Teacher Education’) point to the effective impact of feedback and reflection on professional development.

Prolea adresses questions about and proposes instruments to strengthen reflection and feedback in teacher professional learning. Examples are the systematic implementation of portfolio work, the use of video-analysis and the introduction of narrative approaches for motivation and inspiration.

You can find the results of the work of the participants under PRACTICE and TOOLS.

ProLea - theoretical backbone

ProLea follows a systemic approach. The conceptual framework is based upon a series of consecutive projects, which reflect the history of in-service education and professional development.

ProLea will concentrate on the main themes that lead to an inclusive school development (facilitating professional development, school context, content of professional development, evaluation and reflection), and will use the knowledge and experiences of all partners about instruments to strengthen reflection (portfolio/e-portfolio, video-analysis,  narratives).

ProLea Model

Adopted by Cosan,Framework for Teachers‘ Learning, 2016

Dimensions of Teachers Learning

Project activities are based upon learning from each other (peer-learning) with interdisciplinary teams, the exchange of experiences with target-orientated issues (portfolio work) and blended learning (in-person and virtual).

Adopted by Cosan,Framework for Teachers‘ Learning, 2016

The ProLea project aims to make a change in the professional development of teachers by creating new dialogue opportunities among the actors involved by

# introducing methods (portfolios, online portfolios, peer learning sessions) in order to let teachers share experiences about their training

# bringing providers of teacher training together to reflect on their practice as trainers

dissemination and discussion of the findings with relevant stakeholders


Learning Process

Adopted by Cosan,Framework for Teachers‘ Learning, 2016

The experimentation and reflection will focus on three main themes:

# how to deal better with students with special needs

# how to integrate the professional development of teachers into the school activities

# adapting the training offer for novice teachers

The transnational work will hopefully have a positive impact on different levels:

# a high learning impact for the participating organisations

# new opportunities to extend the project and its results and to develop new partnerships for the future

# enabling stakeholder to benefit

Learning Areas

Adopted by Cosan,Framework for Teachers‘ Learning, 2016

During the three year project there will be various target groups from different European countries participating and profiting from the project activities. The main target group of ProLea are teacher trainers/educators and facilitators for school development, such as  counsellors, school coaches, school leaders, staff at school administration level and others who support schools in local education authorities.  The second target group are leaders who have a key role and/or are responsible for the organisational development of teacher education institutions.

Professional Learning in Complex Settings thru Reflection and Portfolio

ProLea Project


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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