PLATO, University of Leiden

a) Creating a rich and powerful context for professional learning in schools (how to turn schools in to learning organizations, in which teachers engage in professional lifelong learning and serve as role models of lifelong learners to their students);

b) Schools’ external environment for professional learning (Increasingly learning happens beyond organization, in professional communities other than just the colleagues in one’s school)

c) Schools networks for professional learning of teachers. (analysing the networks in school to identify the potential of network contacts for professional learning);

d) Evaluation of professional teacher learning. (how to evaluate the professional leaning processes teachers engage in, theories, practical tools and methods on internal (self) evaluation of teachers’ learning, as well as external evaluation of teachers’ learning processes by others);

Language: Dutch

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Language: Dutch

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Professional Learning in Complex Settings thru Reflection and Portfolio

ProLea Project


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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