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Use this Learning Diary to document, reflect and evaluate your E+ mobility action. 
It will assist you in keeping track of the details and at the same time get an overview of the bigger picture. 
This template is set out for a stay in Tilburg, Netherla...

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This tool is used as a template for personal reflection in preparation for, during and after a mobility action. It helps you keep track of all the details of your stay and reevaluate the methods implemented. 
This particular template is set out for a s...

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Professional development seen and discussed throughout the stages of teachers' careers as a lifelong learning process.


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Berliner Forum Gewaltprävention BFG 22 200 Usch Jack ETEP – EntwicklungsTherapie/EntwicklungsPädagogik – ein pädagogisches Konzept zur Förderung von Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Verhaltensauffälligkeiten Im ersten Teil des Artikels wird ETEP kurz in sei...

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